America Please Stay On Your Knees/Pray For America Mission Tour DVD


Witness a powerful story of sacrifice, patriotism, and courage. Listen to the song of Indian immigrant David Dawson and hear its heart moving and URGENT message. Born half a world away in the midst of persecution because of Christian faith, David left his home for the safe haven he had always loved; the nation of America. He arrived only to find the same persecution he faced in India slowly appearing in the land of the free.
Despite opposition, violence, and near-death experiences, representatives of over fifty nations along with thousands of believers united in prayer. Persecuted Christians, orphan children, and many who came from Hindu, Buddhist, and Muslim backgrounds risked their lives along with David and his family as they prayed with tears for America’s return back to the God of the Bible.  
Join David as he journeys to the Middle East, Singapore, Malaysia, and India for what is now being called the largest gathering of believers praying solely for America that has ever taken place outside of America.  Hear David Dawson share from his heart a message of warning, hope, and encouragement and what one can do to restore America back to God. Capture the heart of God as you watch this video! America, as we stay on our knees God will usher in the greatest revival in America’s history. To Lord Jesus be all the glory!


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Author: Team B.A.B.T.G.