I Was Blind But Now I See.

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blind  Where there is no vision, the people cast off restraint;  But he that  keepeth the law, happy is  he.  

— Proverbs 29:18 (ASV)

I was blind but now I see.
One of the most common forms of sickness Jesus dealt with was blindness. The people Jesus encountered could walk, talk, hear, think, and feel; but a lack of vision kept them bound from using the potential of all those other abilities. A lack of vision gave birth to a lack of direction.

If Jesus were to walk around our churches and communities today believe me-that blindness will still be a popular form of infirmity. Looking around we see a lack of vision in our country, church and families. We are able to use our other senses and abilities but just like the blind men, our lack of sight hinders us from reaching our maximum potential.

Wise Solomon once said in Proverbs 29:18 – where there is no vision the people perish. Our inability to see is hindering us form being the hands, feet, and heart of our communities. There is a world out there in need of help, and we as the Body of Christ have not given a clear direction about who we are and where we stand in relation to an out stretched hand. We need to realize that our vision can only come when we move to Jesus. When we make spending time in His presence a priority like those men, we will have the vision and direction we need to reach the world around us.

When we see Jesus first we can see where we need to go.

Author: Team B.A.B.T.G.

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