By the grace of God,  BABTG was able to recruit THOUSANDS of believers in the Middle East, India, and far east nations to pray for America. Many of those precious people agreed that America has made such an impact in their individual and family’s lives. They told us that they came from Hindu and Muslim backgrounds and when Americans brought  the message of a Loving God, Jesus Christ, to their family, it changed them forever.

These believers joined with the BABTG Team as we held services to pray specifically for America in all kinds of venues! They proved to us how eager they were to pray for America, in the 40 days we were there we held 60 services!

We were amazed to see how passionate their prayers were for the United States of America as tears ran down their faces they cried, “JESUS, HEAL THEIR LAND!

Before returning to America, many groups of people promised to designate a certain day of the week to pray for America, some even promised to hold frequent all-night prayer events to pray specifically for the United States!

Though you may not know it, as an American, your stories, songs, and the God of the Bible has touched the lives of MILLIONS of people around the world over time, they will never forget the deposit America has made in their lives. Do not fear America, during these hard times brothers and sisters in Christ have joined hearts and hands around the world to pray just for YOU.

This timely mission would not have been possible without your continued prayers! Please share BABTG’s vision with all those around you so we can continue to raise awareness and prayers to reach the lost of America. The movement has started to Bring America Back To God, together we can fulfill the assignment of Bringing America Back To God!



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